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Cool Jeans


Crystals can help us heal in so many ways.

Quartz and Amethyst are used for meditation and clear aura/chakra.

This way helps us keep healthy and balanced.  When we meditate, we are listening to our Higher Self and God.

If we meditate, we keep our energy vibrant and strong just like trunk of a tree.  If not, our energies are like leaves flying everywhere.  

We learned meditation through our father who passed away two years ago.  Wished we knew about this information long time ago.  Now we meditate at least once a week and wear Blue Agate or Turquoise jewelry daily to keep fifth Throat Chakra vibrant so that we can spread our knowledge. This blue crystal helps heal thyroid problem too. 

We are proud to bring the best Crystals to enhance healing.  Nameste!

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